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Terms of Service

Hillbilly Wireless Internet Inc. Terms of Service 

By paying a fee and using HBW as their Internet Service Provider (ISP) users are deemed to be in agreement with the following policies:   

  1.  Basic users have unlimited Internet access, except as otherwise noted. Unlimited access is defined as being connected and actively engaged in legitimate activity.

  2. Users are permitted only ONE simultaneous account.  Access to via Telnet is not permitted. Shell accounts are not available. 

  3. UNSOLICITED MASS EMAIL ("SPAMMING") IS NOT PERMITTED. HBW users sending unsolicited email to multiple recipients (HBW or non-HBW addresses) WILL have any and all accounts with HBW IMMEDIATELY TERMINATED. 

  4. HBW reserves the right to terminate or suspend your account without notice for any activity deemed unreasonable by Management or System Administration staff. Such activity may include (but is not necessarily limited to): 

  1. Security violation, defined as unauthorized access of this or any other system using your HBW account, whether proven or strongly suspected. 

  2. Giving your password to someone else. (A user id and password may be used by one person at a time.) 

  3. Harassment of others in the Internet community by email, newsgroups, IRC, or any other medium using your HBW account. 

  4. "Spamming", defined as unsolicited information or advertisement via newsgroups or email, or propagation of such material, using your HBW account. 

  5. IRC bots, floods, or DCC (sending-receiving of files over IRC) using any HBW server. Any user account found to be the cause of the "" domain being banned from any IRC channel or host will be terminated. 

  6. Use of unauthorized software from your HBW web page account. If you are unsure if it is allowed, ask. Use of any program designed to run as a server (does not require you to be logged in) is prohibited. 

  7. Distribution or storage of illegal or pirated software, movies, or music with/from your HBW account. 

  8. Non-payment of user fees, including declined credit cards or returned checks. 

  9. Use of any program designed to hold a connection open while the user is absent from the computer is prohibited. 

  10. Use of P2P file sharing software is prohibited. 

  1. Users may cancel at any time, without penalty. Usage fees already charged for the month are NOT refundable or prorated. Accounts paid for the year will be refunded at the monthly rate, based on time used. 

  2. Violation of any user policy will be handled in the following manner: 

    1. First Violation of any policy: User will be warned via email of violation, and required to cease such activity immediately. 

    2. Second Violation of any policy (not limited to a repeat of the first violation): User's account access will be suspended. It is the user's responsibility to contact HBW for remedy. User's account will be reactivated at the discretion of HBW Management or System Administration staff. User is still responsible for account fees while account is suspended, as account suspension is NOT equivalent to cancellation. 

    3. Third Violation of any policy (not limited to repeat of the first two violations): User's account will be permanently terminated. 


  1. Violation of the "NO SPAMMING" rule will result in immediate account termination.

  2. Non-payment of account fees by due date will result in immediate suspension of account. User is still responsible for fees while account is suspended, as suspension is NOT equivalent to account cancellation. 

  1. HBW will attempt to provide the highest quality and reliability of service, but service is not guaranteed. Loss of data or service due to hardware, software, or other failure does not give the user the right to compensation, financial or otherwise. 

  2. All rates and access policies are subject to change at any time. Users will be given 30 days notice of change in user fees. Access policies are subject to change without notice, and take effect upon announcement. 

  3. Customer Equipment: The customer understands that the use of routers is permitted, but they are not the responsibility of HBW to maintain. HBW  does offer support for such devices with the understanding that said support is not included as part of the internet service.

The customer further acknowledges and understands that any damage to or loss of equipment in their possession, is solely the responsibility of the customer. HBW is NOT responsible for damage due to lightning strikes, or other acts of nature, power surges/outages, vandalism or any other causes. HBW will make reasonable efforts to restore power as quickly as possible in the event of power outages.

HBW  highly recommends the use of a UPS (Un-interruptible Power Supply) to protect all equipment from electrical spikes/surges coming from the customers AC power. A UPS is generally available at any location that sells computer equipment. Always install and keep up to date virus protection.


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